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Love yourself fiercelyOur retreat is about unplugging from our lives and turning inward in a place close to nature and removed from the stress and distractions of our everyday lives. We share our women stories, our laughter, and our tears. Each retreat includes some form of creative expression, an artwork made by each woman honoring and celebrating her soul work.

Retreats are held at Bend Of Ivy Lodge just outside of Asheville, NC. 

Our next retreat will be in 2021. I start planning, researching, studying, and preparing at least a year in advance.

For our next retreat topic I am considering play and pleasure as extreme self-care. What does it look like, and what is

getting in the way of my joy. I would love to hear your thoughts on the subject. 

To read about previous retreats, check the dropdown menu under "Retreat".

If you would like to bring a creative workshop or retreat to your area, contact


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