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Crone Wisdom

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

“I grow my hair long, though many have told me to wear hair like this is solely for the maiden. I am still a maiden at heart and I will keep my hair all my daysif that is what I wish, for I follow no rules set before me from society and perceptions of others. To each woman, it is a choice how we decorate our sacred temple, not the decision of any other.

They would tell me to color the grey from my tresses as well to conform to an ideal that serves to wash women of their power. For all the world I would not give up these strands of magic. Would you give away such treasure, such majesty, so easily, I ask them. Why do you fear age and wisdom and would have me hide from your eyes?

My head is my crown and from it flows strands of silver mirroring the hue of the full moon light, the gossamer mists that part on the waters edge, and the thundering powerful clouds in the sky before a storm. Watch those who try to get you to conform and bow, my child; more than likely, they are trying to take the crown of silver from your head.”

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