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Embodied Woman

"I’ve heard the term embodied woman.Embodied means to give a tangible or visible form to. So I asked myself, what does that mean for me as a woman? What doI, in my woman self, want to embody?

Courage, vulnerability, authenticity. I want to embody a woman who is complete within herself. A woman who believes she is enough, andis also open to more. A woman who values curiosity, questioning, and growth. The embodiment of a fallible human, embracing the unfinished within myself. All those paradoxes of humanity, but in the feminine form, because being a woman, being female, is something I am proud of. Something that I both celebrate and fight for.

I am here. This is me, in full bloom – acknowledging, feelingand expressing my anger, my fear, my ugly crying, my shame, my fallibility, my joy, my courage, my questions, and my wisdom of experience. I call on all women to join me in this quest. It’s time. The world needs its furious women. "

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