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Life Happens

Whew! It has been a minute since I posted on this blog. Namely ...

COVID! GEEEEEEZUS! Holy Shit! And the world is burning. Racism, White Supremacy, the National Ass for a president, and now Putin's take over of Ukraine. I feel shitty if I feel good about something. How can I feel good if the world is burning? How dare I?? OH! And also I have ADHD. Just realizing that. I am 65 in August of this year. All my life I felt like a freak. Little did I know. Honestly, it's a relief. My goal is to get on helpful meds. My husband says it is really helping him. Yeah, him too. Like attracts like, I guess. I know my people. That said, I don't have the attention span for much more. However, I did start a new YouTube page for my passion around women's work- personal stories and issues specific to women (mostly anyways). Hope you'll check it out: Would love to hear from you. Let me know how you are doing and share One Good Thing. I look forward to hearing from you.
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