Women's Scholarship Money!

This will be the 4th year I raise money to create a scholarship fund for women to attend a self-care weekend. In the past, I have used Indiegogo. This time I may be using Go Fund Me. It looks like they are the same company. It any rate, when I do this I have to make a video about my campaign. Making videos is difficult for me. It is extremely anxiety producing. I feel incredibly vulnerable, and my inner critic has a hay day!

Well, I finally pushed myself to finish the video, and here it is. I hope to raise $1,200 which will be divided into 6 $200 scholarships to help women pay for the registration. You can read about the weekend by hovering over "retreat" in the toolbar and you will see a drop down with "Embracing Our Fury, 2019". Click on that and you can read all about it. As soon as I get a response from the Indiegogo people, I will get everything up and running.

Perhaps you are a woman who would like to donate and help create this healing opportunity for women. Perhaps you would like to take advantage of the scholarship money yourself and attend the weekend. This weekend is open to ALL women. Please help us spread the word by sharing on your social media pages. We appreciate any and all help.

I am really looking forward to co-creating this space for women. I look forward to hearing about your own experiences with anger and the internalized messages that you too struggle with. Women's circles are a very powerful and transformational experience. Can't wait to seeing you there!

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