Sacred Celebrations

"Rituals have the power to reset the terms of our universe until we find ourselves suddenly and truly at home.”

– Margot Adler

Life is change. As we live, we change. As we grow, we change. Yet, sometimes change can be met with as much resistance or reservation, as it is welcomed and embraced. A Sage Soul Sisters Sacred Ceremony can help ease those transitions, as well as celebrate them.


Whether a "Letting Go Ritual", a "Goddess Party", or even a "Wedding Celebration", I help facilitate and honor your transition with reflection, release, and joy.


I've helped many women, and couples, using a variety of methods, employing my experience as a creative and as a facilitator  to guide individuals and groups in their new direction. I will bring all aspects of my experience to aid and promote your acceptance of change, healing, or the focus needed to embark on the next phase of your journey.


Let's talk, and we'll discuss what I can do to help you embrace and celebrate your transition.