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Sisterhood of Voices

The 2017 Sisterhood of Voices women's retreat was an extraordinary weekend.

A diverse group of women came together from all parts of the country and co-created a beautiful, bawdy, and transformative circle. We shared stories, laughed, cried, built bridges of understanding and empathy toward a better way of being and interacting in the world. 

It was an honor to be a part of this unique women's circle, and I look forward to more women connection. The video below shows the women creating visual journals born of their stories, experiences, hopes and dreams. 

I am inspired by these women and the ones who came before them. Already I am planning the next women's retreat at the beautiful and tranquil Bend of Ivy Lodge just outside Asheville, NC.

There is much pain, suffering, rage, and injustice in our country and our world. It is imperative that we consciously make time to rest and rejuvenate if we are to be fully present for others and for ourselves. Carrying heavy emotional and mental burdens is exhausting and health diminishing.

Making time to restore, reinvigorate, and reclaim your vitality is imperative.

Stay tuned for information about upcoming workshops and retreats.

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