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Soul Tending

As women, our souls are like soil. Fertile and rich.

But like soil, our souls must be tended.

Soul Tending is a way to reconnect with our bodies, our mind, and La Que Sabe, the One Who Knows. She resides within each of us. She is our True North. In a "soul tending" session I start with one simple question: "What's not working in your life?"

And then I listen. 

I listen with my heart, with my soul, and with the instinctual knowing that comes from having experienced many of the struggles common to women in our society. Negative body image, Supermom/Superwoman syndrome, the Good Girl Archetype, caretaking of others to the exclusion of self, having a voice, having the power to create positive change in our community and our world, being seen, respected, valued as humans. All of these issues and more. I listen and then mirror what I hear. And as a mirror, reflect truth that has always been there, but perhaps has been forgotten.

Contact me today so we can discuss the "homework" a Soul Tending session employs, including written exercises, audio, mindful breathing, and other guided explorations that will identify resistance, but also illuminate resilience.

Your truth, your life, your soul.

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