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All of you is welcome here!

I am an advocate for radical self-love, specifically for women. 

I create women’s workshops and retreats around that practice. 

Ultimately, all my work is about the relationship we have with ourselves,

because that relationship drives every other relationship we have - with family, friends, co-workers, everyone. And, knowing who you are and showing up as nothing less than that is infinitely better than the alternative. 

On our retreats, we use story-telling, art, and the power of ritual to explore and define “radical”

in regards to self-love, because what is radical for one woman may not be for another.

We explore, what would it mean to love yourself fiercely?

What would that look like, and how would your life be different if you did?” 

To schedule a workshop, retreat, or a simple women's circle, go to my contact page.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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