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Love yourself fiercely. Our retreat is about unplugging from our lives and turning inward in a place close to nature and removed from the stress and distractions of our everyday lives. We share our women stories, our laughter, and our tears. Each retreat includes some form of creative expression, an artwork made by each woman honoring and celebrating her soul work.

Retreats are held at Bend Of Ivy Lodge just outside of Asheville, NC. 

Our last retreat, Embracing Our Fury, was August, 2019. Unfortunately, due the pandemic, all retreats, sacred circles, and women's weekends are on hold, but stay tuned! As soon as it is safe to do so, I will be planning and hosting another retreat.

In June of 2018, I stumbled upon Tracee Ellis Ross TED Talk, A Woman's Fury Holds Lifetimes of Wisdom. If you have not seen it, click on the link and go there NOW. Don't waste a minute. Do it now. I cried. I felt immeasurable validation as a woman. I learned more about the intersectionality of it, and I raged against the patriarchy, remembering all the women who went before me - my mother, her sisters, her mother, and more. All the stories, all the actions, all the reactions, make more and more sense when viewed through the lens of a woman's fury. It is time to look in the mirror and stand what we see. It is time to give ourselves permission to feel what we already feel.

Anger is not a "negative emotion". Our anger teaches us about healthy boundaries.

Join us in 2019 to explore this powerful and empowering emotion, and unpack all we have been programmed to believe about it.

To read about our June 2017 retreat, Sisterhood of Voices, and see the creative visual journals being made, click here

If you would like to bring a creative workshop or retreat to your area, contact

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